TDS Payment Online| TDS Rate| Status

TDS Payment Online is a facility available to the taxpayers to ease the payment of tax. TDS refers to the tax deducted at source. The TDS Deductor deducts tax at the time of making payment to Deductee. The Deductor has the option to deduct tax either on the invoice date or payment date whichever is earlier. After deducting the TDS amount at the applicable TDS rate, he will be paying the balance amount to the Deductee.

How to make TDS payment online?

Below are the steps to make TDS payment online:

1.Go to the website

2. Click on “Click to pay tax online”.

Click on Pay Tax Online

3.You will reach the below screen. Click on proceed under challan no/ ITNS 281 which is for TDS.

Challan No 281/ ITNS 281

4. Select Tax Applicable as “(0020) Company Deductees”. (See below snapshot after point6)

5.Select type of payment as “(200) TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer”.(See below snapshot after point6)

6.Select nature of payment as “94J – Fees for Professional or Technical Services”.(See below snapshot after point6)

Select Tax applicable-Company Deductees, Type of payment-TDS/ TCS payable by taxpayer, Nature of payment-94J.

7.Select mode of payment as either Net-Banking or Debit card.

Select the mode of payment and the Bank

8.Enter your “Tax deduction Account No” (TAN of Buyer). (refer below snapshot after point 12)

9.Enter the current assessment year.(refer below snapshot after point 12)

10. Enter the details of mandatory fields such as City/ District, State and Pin code.(refer below snapshot after point 12)

11.Input the captcha code as displayed on the screen.(refer below snapshot after point 12)

12. Click on Proceed.(refer below snapshot after point 12)

Enter the Tax Deduction Account No (TAN of Buyer)

13. If the details entered by you is accurate, you will see the below screen.

Summary of details of TDS Challan

14. Select the “I agree” and click on “Submit to the Bank”.

Submit to the Bank

15. You will be redirected to the Bank page. Login with bank credentials and make the payment.

In addition to making TDS Payment online, it is mandatory that you file TDS return at the end of every quarter. Also, ensure that you file your quarterly TDS return within the TDS return due date.

Due Date for TDS Payment Online

The Due date for TDS payment online for non-government deductors is 7th of the next month. And the due for TDS payment online for government deductors is 7th of the next month if payment is made through challan and the due date is same day if payment is made through book entry.

Below are the TDS Due Dates for FY 2022-23

MonthDue Date
April 20227th May 2022
May 20227th June 2022
June 20227th July 2022
July 20227th Aug 2022
Aug 20227th Sep 2022
Sep 20227th Oct 2022
Oct 20227th Nov 2022
Nov 20227th Dec 2022
Dec 20227th Jan 2023
Jan 20237th Feb 2023
Feb 20237th Mar 2023
Mar 202330th April 2023

tDS Rates

Different TDS rates are applicable based on the nature of payment.

SectionNature of paymentTDS rate
193Interest on Securities10%
195Other sums payable to a non-resident10%
4BBWinning from horse race30%
4DAPayment in respect of life insurance policy5%
4EEPayments in respect of Deposits under National Saving Schemes10%
4LAPayment of compensation on Acquisition of certain immovable property10%
4LCIncome by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund payable to a non-resident5% or 4%
4LDInterest on Rupee denominated bond of Company or Government Securites5%
92APayment to Govt. Employees other than Union Govt. employeesnormal slab rate
92BPayment of Employees other than Govt. Employeesnormal slab rate
94AInterest other than Interest on Securities10%
94BWinning from lotteries and crossword puzzles30%
94CPayment of contractors and sub-contractors2%
94DInsurance commission5%
94EPayments to non-resident Sportsmen/Sport Associations20%
94FPayments on account of Re-purchase of Units by Mutual Funds of UTI20%
94GCommission, prize etc. on sale of Lottery tickets5%
94HCommission or Brokerage5%
94IRent2% or 10%
94JFees for Professional or Technical Services2% or 10%
94KIncome Payable to a resident assessee in respect of units of a specified Mutual Fund or of the units of the UTI10%
94NPayment of certain amounts in cash2%
94PPayment to Specified Senior Citizen2%
94QDeduction of tax at source on payment of certain sum for purchase of goods0.1%
96AIncome in respect of Units of non-residents
96BPayments in respect of Units to an Offshore Fund10%
96CIncome from foreign currency Bonds or Shares of Indian Company payable to a non-resident10%
96DIncome of Foreign Institutional investors from securities20%
2AAPayment of accumulated balance due to an employee10%
LBBIncome in respect of units of investment fund10%
LBCIncome in respect of investment in securitization trust25% or 30%
4ICPayment under specified agreement10%
94OTDS on E-commerce transactions1%

How to Calculate TDS Amount Payable?

TDS amount is calculated on the amount before tax payable to the Deductee. The applicable TDS rate is applied on the amount before tax to arrive at the TDS amount deductable for a Deductee.

TDS Applicability

TDS deduction is applicable on different types of payments such as

1.Payment of Salary

2.Payment of Rent

3.Bank Interest

4.Contractor payments

5.Remuneration paid to the director of a company

6.Transfer of immovable property

7.Interest on securities

8.Winning from games like a crossword puzzle, card, lottery

9.Commission payments

10.Amount under LIC

Check TDS payment online status

You can the check the status of the TDS Payment online by following the below steps:

1. Go to the official NSDL website and Under Services click on “OLTAS”.

2. You will reach the below screen. Click on “Challan Status Inquiry”.

3.Again, click on “Challan Status Inquiry” as shown below.

4.Select either from CIN (Challan Identification Number) based view or TAN based view.

5.Fill the requisite details in order to view the Status

4.You will now be able to View the challan and download the challan.

To View Challan Details:

  • On selecting this option challan details for the selected TAN and period can be viewed.

TDS Challan Download

To Download Challan Details:

  • On selecting this option text file containing challan details for the selected TAN and period can be downloaded.
  • This file should be used to verify the challan details mentioned in the Quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement
  • For verifying the challan details import the challan file in the File Validation Utility (FVU) along with the text file (Quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement).
  • On successful validation of Quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement, FVU will provide the matching statistic for challan details mentioned in the e-TDS/TCS statement.
  • Period selected should be within 24 months.

Consequences of Late payment of TDS Online

If TDS is not paid within the due date, interest of 1.5% will be imposed on a part or whole of the amount every month from the date the TDS was deducted to till the actual payment of TDS to the government as per section 201A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


1. What is TDS Challan 281?

TDS challan 281 is used to make monthly tds payments online.

2. How is TDS Challan download done?

Go to the website Then, click on “Challan Status Inquiry” From here the TDS challan download may be done.