80TTB Deduction for AY 2021-22

80TTB Deduction is a tax deduction given to senior citizens on the interest earned. The interest may be in the form of interest on a savings account or fixed deposits. The maximum amount of Deduction under section 80TTB is Rs 50,000.

Key Points

– 80TTB Deduction for AY 2021-22 limit is Rs 50,000.
– Only Senior citizens are eligible to claim the deduction.
– Deduction is available only on Interest income.
– You can claim deduction on Fixed deposits, Savings Accounts, Post-office deposits and Cooperative society deposits.
– You must be an Indian citizen.

80TTB Deduction for AY 2021-22

As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, the 80TTB limit for AY 2021-22 is Rs 50,000.

Type of Accounts Eligible for 80TTB Deduction

You can avail of a tax deduction on the below type of accounts:

  1. Interest on Fixed Deposits.
  2. Interest on Savings Account.
  3. Interest on Recurring Deposits.
  4. Interest on Post office deposits.
  5. Interest on Cooperative society deposits.

Who can Claim 80TTB Deduction?

Only senior citizens who are residents of India can take the benefit from the 80TTB Deduction. If you are below 60 years, you can avail of a tax deduction on the interest income from certain accounts under section 80TTA.

Who Cannot Claim 80TTB Deduction?

You are not eligible to claim an 80TTB deduction if

  1. You are not a resident of India.
  2. You are not a senior citizen.
  3. The interest income is earned on behalf of a firm, Association.
  4. You are an NRI.

Section 80TTB of Income Tax Act Extract

How to Claim 80TTB Deduction?

Below are the steps to claim deduction under section 80TTB:

  1. Login to the new income tax portal.
  2. Go to e-file>Income Tax Returns>File Income Tax Return.

3. In the below screen, select the current assessment year and the mode of filing as online. Click on Continue at the bottom.

4. Select Individual as the status and click on continue.

5. Select form ITR-1 and click on proceed with ITR-1.

6. Click on Let’s Get Started.

7. Select the 1st option “Taxable income is more than basic exemption limit” and click Continue.

8. Your data will auto-populate according to form 16. To file your income tax return you must confirm all the fields such as Personal Information, Gross Total Income, Total Deductions, Tax paid, Total tax Liability.

Pre-filled Return

9. For the purpose of this article, we see in detail Total Deductions

To claim deduction under section 80TTB, you must first declare your interest income under the head “Income from Other Sources”. Secondly, you must enter the interest amount in Deductions under section 80TTB.

We will see the first step below

Difference between 80TTB and 80TTA

80TTB Deduction80TTA Deduction
– Deduction is available on all types of accounts including fixed deposits.– Deduction is available only on the Savings account.
– Only Senior citizens can claim.– Only individuals below 60 years and HUFs can claim.
– Maximum limit is Rs 50,000.– Maximum limit is Rs 10,000.
– Only Indian citizens can avail of this tax deduction.-NRIs and Indian citizens can avail of this tax deduction.


(1) Does 80TTB include both Savings account and Fixed Deposits?

Yes, You can claim interest income earned from Savings account and Fixed deposits.

(2) Can I claim deduction under 80TTB & 80TTA?

Senior citizens can claim deduction only under section 80TTB. And individuals below 60 years can claim deduction only under section 80TTA.

(3) Are term deposits eligible for 80TTB deduction?

Yes, you can avail of 80TTB deduction on all types of term deposits.

(4) I am a partner in a firm and a senior citizen. So, can I claim tax deduction under section 80TTB?

You can deduction under 80TTB only the interest earned on the deposits held by you individually. Deduction under section 80TTB is not allowed for any deposits held on behalf of the partnership firm.